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BNC Consulting has implemented full ERP(enterprise resource planning systems) and basic accounting systems. We can work with your staff to determine your exact business requirements.  We will work with our partners to deliver the best solution for your company.

Independent ERP Selection

BNC Consulting knows that an ERP selection process is a resource intensive decision.  ERP Selection is a vital process a company must employ to acquire modern information technology that will drive business process and business performance improvement.  Many manufacturers gain value from teaming with independent experts for an effective approach to ERP selection. When guided by the right consulting team, these manufacturers reduce the effort, resources and cost of ERP selection. 

An ERP Selection project is a key component to a successful ERP implementation. Implementation projects that fail to attain expectations can be traced back to poorly executed ERP Selection projects.

ERP Implementation

Most manufacturers judge an ERP implementation by the following metrics: initial expense, ongoing operating or maintenance costs, return on investment, and time to value.

In today’s competitive business climate, we suggest an even more rigorous focus on ERP implementations by tracking additional metrics like disruptions in operations, impact on productivity, and level of ERP adoption across the enterprise.

Unfortunately, there are many horror stories of failed ERP implementations, cost over-runs, time delays, disruptions in operations and worse.  Now, mid-market manufacturers can avoid these pitfalls with proven ERP implementation expertise offered by BNC Consulting

BNC Consulting's independent consultants helps mid-market manufacturers reduce the chance of implementation problems by helping to manage complexity, risk, and data integration challenges.

Proven Methodology: Take advantage of proven implementation methodology in ERP implementation whether your company is switching to  a completely new system or undergoing a major upgrade. Our proven ERP implementation services reduce the load on company resources.

ERP Implementation Experts: Leverage our team’s specific expertise in ERP implementation, expertise that is often lacking within a mid-market manufacturing company. We supplement your team with the project management, configuration of the future state, testing the system with your end users, converting data, and driving performance improvements.

An Engaged Process: We’re with you all the way. The most successful and seamless implementation occurs when the manufacturer is fully engaged in the process. Ultra helps you get alignment with your resources, the executive team and the needs of the project

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