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Cloud Computing

BNC Consulting can take your system to the cloud, we work with one of the largest cloud company in the world.  When you bring your sytem to the cloud it frees up capital expenditure because it requires much less hardware on your premise.  It provides redundant power and internet which is not readily available in most buildings.

Cloud Solutions

BNC Consulting can bring to the cloud these business processes.
        ♦ Document management - Microsoft Sharepoint
        ♦ Email - POP3, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange, email archiving, email encryption
        ♦ Fax to email
        ♦ File sharing

        ♦ Online backups
        ♦ Web hosting


BNC Consulting understands the security is a concern for cloud based solutions.  Our provider is certified for SAS 70 and SSAE 16 in their data centers. They have gone through rigorous audits confirming that proper security processes are in place.

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