IT Consulting

As your virtual CIO, we focus on advising you on best ways to use Information Technology to meet your business goals and objectives, with long-term solutions and best ROI practices. In addition to providing research-based advice on information technology, we offer project estimates, management, implementation, deployment and administration of your IT systems as part of our Managed Services.

"Every business needs an experienced resource who can guide the company’s technology strategy. Not every business has the resources for an internal CIO or CTO.”

Are you getting the most out of your IT investment?


Does your technology give you an edge over the competition? Does it reduce your costs, expand your customer base and help you grow profits? Does it improve the relationship between you and your customers or constituents? Most importantly, are your technology investments aligned the strategy and goals of your business?


Properly aligned, designed and managed properly, technology can be an enabler and force multiplier that allows a company to excel and thrive at what it is does best. Managed poorly, it can be a massive anchor that drags your business to a halt, commanding far too much time, energy and financial resources, distracting you and your key staff from your core competency.


When you outsource executive IT functions to us we will rapidly and efficiently analyze your organization’s situation. We take control and accountability for driving IT strategy and recommend specific solutions and methods to leverage technology to enable innovation and make your business more competitive in the marketplace.




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