BNC Consulting is a premier partner with Dell Computers, we use Dell's servers, desktop, laptops and accessories.  With their same day warranty on-site parts and labor support for servers and next day on-site parts and labor support, your system can be up and running in no time at all.

BNC Consulting can take your system to the cloud, we work with one of the largest cloud company in the world. Rackspace has excellent customer support and supberb up time.   For an email solution, Rackspace offers hybrid email solutions so some of your email addresses can be on the Microsoft Exchange server platform, while others can be POP3/IMAP.  For your power users, they can have top of the line features, while basic users can have regular email.

Hardware/Software Products


BNC Consulting partners with a number of hardware and software solution providers and can provide you with custom hardware, software and maintenance quotes to suit your business needs.  We just dont sell the hardware and software solutions, we install it, configure it and support it.

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Our experienced team is ready to design and configure your server, storage, and networking architecture leveraging the best-of-breed technologies.


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