BNC Consulting is a full service information technology consulting firm located in northern New Jersey.  We implement high performance-IT solutions for businesses. We assist our clients in making educated decisions so they can utilize technology to its fullest potential.  Our goal is to to form a partnership with our clients, to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their business and to enable them to achieve a competitive edge by using current technology available.







We can build the tools your business needs when off-the-shelf solutions just wont work for your business.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients, usually in-person, with your staff to define the requirements to meet your critical business goals.

We will analyze your current operations and systems, then find the right ERP/Accounting system solution for the future.




Fully managed, maintained and supported, our hosted cloud business solutions provide the backup, technical support, and secure data access your organization needs to keep  your operations functioning smoothly and efficiently.

IT Consulting


IT Project


Managed IT


We provide our experience to

 help you reach your optimal business goals by providing research-based advice, project estimates, management, implementation, deployment and administration of your IT system.

We work with you to ensuring that your project is completed on time and on the budget. We help businesses define their expectations, best delivery methods and communication strategies for a successful outcome.


Reliable tech support, monthly IT service plans, predictable budget at a the fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

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