BNC Consulting prides itself by providing professional support and excellent customer service.  All of our technicians are fully trained and are equipped with the latest tools to support your business.   Our normal support hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  We offer emergency after hours support 24 hours a day 7 days week.  Our email address for support is

Break and Fix Support

A break and fix support plan is available on an as needed basis.  When something goes wrong, you would call us and we come in and resolve the issue.  Our charge for this service is time and materials.  We have a two hour minimum charge for any on-site service.


Prepaid Support Contracts

BNC Consulting offers prepaid discounted support hours for hardware and software services.   When something goes wrong, you would call us and we come in and resolve the issue, our time is deducted from the prepaid support contract for time.  We have a one hour minimum charge for any on-site service.


Managed Services Contracts

BNC Consulting offers a variety of managed service plans to fit your IT support needs.  With managed services, you pay a flat monthly fee to have your computers maintained and monitored.  With regular maintenance, your computers will run faster and more reliably, resulting in greater productivity and less user frustration.  Your backups are checked monthly (and we receive daily alerts regarding any issues) so you can be assured that your critical data is safe; updates and patches are systematically installed, resulting in greater security; and your computers are monitored regularly so minor issues can be addressed before they become headaches. Managed Services plans save you money because you don’t have to worry about avoidable computer failures bringing your business to an unexpected halt. Our managed services plans are surprisingly affordable, so ask for details. We will work with you to determine the level and type of continuity assurance your business needs.

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Which type of solution is right for your company?

If you are dependent on your IT, if the cost of your computer system going down is high, or you have large complex computer system you need a Managed Service.  The cost of Break-Fix becomes too high in these circumstances.


However, if your computer system is simple and non-critical than Break-Fix or a prepaid support contract will be the cheaper option.




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